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Exclusive to Motor Trade customers only; Simulcast is a simultaneous Internet broadcast of a physical auction, the very latest online broadcast technology allows the buyer, from wherever they are, to see and hear all the action from the auction hall on their desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Using Simulcast buyers can bid and buy cars, vans or trucks in real-time, competing against other online buyers as well as buyers who are actually in the hall.

Each Simulcast bid received online is instantly registered in the auction hall by a large coloured flashing plasma screen.

Simulcast has great features, helping buying online with confidence and ease, here are just a few:

  • For members of the Motor Trade and Manheim Account Holders only
  • Full vehicle inspection reports and images available in most cases to support buying decisions
  • Multi session functionality enables the buyer to ‘attend’ multiple auctions at the same time
  • To compete anonymously against auction hall buyers
  • Instant Message, allowing you to send the auctioneer messages in real time
  • Now available on your mobile device, allowing you to bid and buy on the go, so you won’t have to miss an auction ever again!

See even more features of the new Simulcast here

Proxy Bidding

Proxy Bidding is a feature whereby the system will bid on a Simulcast vehicle for you up to an amount entered. Prior to an auction, you enter the maximum amount you are willing to bid up to for a vehicle and then the system will automatically bid on your behalf up to the price you entered.

To find out more please visit the Proxy Bidding Explained page.

New Manheim Grading System

For all Simulcast vehicles from our Dealer Vendors

Rolling out across Manheim Auctions, all vehicles offered on Simulcast from our dealer vendors now come with images and are graded from A to E based on their condition.

Manheim Grading System

Buying online is increasingly popular for Motor Trade buyers. In 2009 the online buying audience increased by 90% so don’t miss out. For more information please contact the Buyer Services Team on 0844 856 4600.

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Online Auctions

Rather than an online broadcast of a physical auction, Online Auctions are live auctions where all invited buyers (trade only) are bidding over the Internet against each other. The online auction is controlled by a professional auctioneer who buyers can both see and hear. Buyers base their bidding decisions on a series of professional images of vehicles that appear sequentially in lot order. Buyers in an Online Auction bid for vehicles in exactly the same way as online buyers in a Simulcast auction. However, with Online Auctions there’s no need to incur any transport costs for moving stock to an auction centre, as the stock is not physically required for the online auction to take place.

The advantages of Online Auctions to buyers are that:

  • Live auctioneer unlike most competitor electronic auctions
  • Can be timetabled outside the traditional auction times
  • Uses Simulcast technology so the bidding process will be familiar to many buyers
  • Used by vendors as a discreet channel to dispose of stock
  • Normally restricted to selected or ‘closed’ groups of buyers such as franchised dealers
  • Bidding and buying activity can be closely monitored
  • Bids are confirmed and accepted on screen

If you would like to know more about how you can get access to Simulcast or Online Auction, either email or call our Buyer Services team on 0844 856 4600.

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A small premium of £40 + VAT is payable on each vehicle sold online, including vehicles purchased via proxy, real time or commission bids.